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Donald Trump's First 100 Days: Hillary Clinton Would Be in Awe, Says Russian Senators
Washington's evaluation of its foreign policy particularly irked some of Russia's top parliamentarians, with some saying Hillary Clinton, Trump's bitter rival for the presidency, would be proud of such a record. The boast that the White House has ...
Grading Trump — Has it only been 100 days?: OpinionlineUSA TODAY
Public Policy Polling Goes Trolling, Discovers That Hillary Voters Still Don't Like Trump Very MuchThe Independent Weekly
Why the polls are wrong about Trump. Again.The Hill (blog)
Townhall -The Boston Globe -The Daily Caller -YouTube
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Mexico's 'Hillary Clinton' Rips Trump Over 'Useless' Wall - NBC News
President Donald Trump's border wall may not be going anywhere right now and one of Mexico's leading candidates in the presidential elections told NBC News ...

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The Hill

Alex Jones: Ivanka Trump sounding a lot like Hillary Clinton
The Hill
Conservatives have frequently worried that Ivanka Trump, who holds an office in the White House, will have too much influence on her father. In a video posted below the text, Jones said the country did not elect Ivanka Trump to be president. He said he ...
Ivanka Trump: The New Hillary Clinton in the White House?Newsweek
Trump's problem child”: Mark Levin, Alex Jones rage against Ivanka after her “uncomfortable embrace of refugees”Salon
There Aint No Party Like a D.C. Swamp Party, Cause a D.C. Swamp Party Dont StopDaily Beast
New York Times -Today.com -CBS News -Democracy 21
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Trump-fighting Democrats just repeating Hillary's mistakes: Column
Republicans face media derision if they follow the unconventional, outrageous strategies of their successful presidential candidate. But what about the ...

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Poll: Trump Would Beat Hillary Again in a Rematch, Democrats Seen as More Out of Touch
Consumers of mainstream media have been treated to a steady diet of Trump voters expressing doubts, frustrations and regrets over the myriad 'betrayals' of his early presidency. But a fresh national survey from the Washington Post and ABC News ...
Trump on new poll results: 'Would still beat Hillary'Los Angeles Times
Wash Post poll hides: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%Washington Examiner
New Poll: If Hillary Faced Trump Again Today, She Would Still LoseFox News Insider
Daily Caller -Washington Post -NBCNews.com -ABC News
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Fox News

Trump's first 100 Days, Hillary Clinton and America's missed opportunity
Fox News
I'm a Hillary Clinton fangirl and I feel no shame. She was the most qualified candidate to run for president in history – we all should be Hillary Clinton fangirls. Does that mean I don't see her faults? Of course not. She had a flawed message (I'll ...
Hillary Clinton warns LGBT progress may not be secure under TrumpCBS News
Hillary Clinton blasts Trump on LGBT rightsCNN
Hillary Clinton Hits Trump Administration For Approach To LGBTQ IssuesHuffington Post
GOOD Magazine -Daily Caller -Washington Examiner -Amazon.com
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Chicago Sun-Times

Kapos: Hillary Clinton friend gives Donald Trump a nod
Chicago Sun-Times
When the Syrians used sarin gas this year, Trump “instinctively knew the right thing to do. I applaud his decision.” Later, Melamed again tipped his hat to Trump. “I'm a friend of Hillary Clinton, and she clearly was my choice,” Melamed told me. “But I ...


Trump Won't Attend White House Correspondents' Dinner – But Hillary Clinton Might
Heat Street
The White House Correspondents' Dinner was Washington's premiere event during the Obama years but, under Trump, its star power has definitely declined. Unable to attract even the lesser Kardashians for the gala, rumor has it the event's only celebrity ...
Is Hillary Clinton At The White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's Highly UnlikelyBustle
The Daily 202: This is how Trump looks out for the people who voted for himWashington Post

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The Boston Globe

Hillary in 2020? Nothing's far-fetched after Trump
The Boston Globe
Officially out of the woods, Hillary Clinton is posing in pink suede pumps designed by Katy Perry. Of course, she's thinking about running again. Why shouldn't she, when Martin O'Malley, an asterisk in the last presidential contest, can boldly ...
Hillary Clinton reportedly blamed everyone but herself for her humiliating defeat to TrumpBusiness Insider
Authors of Clinton Campaign Tell-All: Hillary Never Saw Trump Win ...Fox News Insider
Hillary Clinton apologized to Barack Obama after President Trump's election victoryNew York Daily News
Advocate.com -Washington Post -Amazon.com -Axios
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Exclusive: Trump vows to fix or scrap South Korea trade deal, wants missile system payment
"It is unacceptable, it is a horrible deal made by Hillary," the Republican Trump said. "It's a horrible deal, and we are going to renegotiate that deal or terminate it." Asked when he would announce his intention to renegotiate the deal, Trump said ...
Donald Trump Is Now Threatening Both KoreasVanity Fair
Trump threatens to scrap 'horrible' South Korea trade dealThe Hill

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